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Rochester Lawn Care provides full service Core Aeration. It's the process of taking out deep plugs of soil using a machine called a “Core Aerator”.  This gives the soil “room to breathe”.  Soil can become hard and compacted over time which negatively affects how nutrients and water are absorbed by the grass roots.  This condition of compaction can encourage molds, insects, disease while limiting the growth of grass roots.  This results in leaving your lawn in less than ideal shape. After Aerating, oxygen levels are enhanced to the roots and encouraged to fill the empty spaces, thus, crowding out weeds as well as allowing crucial nutrients to penetrate the soil.  It also reduces the amount of thatch. Thatch can suffocate your lawn when it becomes too thick. Aeration allows the growth of microbes which breaks down the thatch naturally, allowing a denser, more beautiful & lush lawn.  Aeration is one of the more overlooked services.

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