Grub and Insect Control

Many people will be forced to replace grass that is completely dead due to the voracious appetite and activity of turf feeding Grubs. At Rochester Lawn Care, our experience has shown us that once the grubs begin feeding, it is very difficult to get control.

Prevention remains the best method of keeping these little bugs under control.

In late June or July we will apply a systemic product designed to go right where theses pests are found, the roots of the grass plants. Once in the roots, the product will remain active for the season to catch any grubs that may enter the area after the treatment has been applied.

If you or your neighbors had a problem with grubs last year, it is advisable for you to get a preventive application in summer. When this application is applied, you can be assured that your lawn will be protected from a serious grub infestation and the resulting damage. Your lawn will be guaranteed to be free of grub damage or we will re-apply the material at no charge to you.

Order the season-long Grub Control Application to protect your lawn.

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