Deep Root Feeding

Rochester Lawn Care’s certified landscape technicians are skilled in deep root tree and shrub feeding, which results in a vibrant outdoor space.

What does deep root tree and shrub feeding involve?

Identify the right solution

Compacted soil, nutrient depletion, harsh weather, pests, and ice-melting agents affect roots and impede growth of trees and shrubs. Rochester Lawn Care is skilled at identifying result-oriented solutions that will significantly improve their appearance.

Choose effective treatments

Treatments are varied, depending on your region. Properties serviced by Rochester Lawn Care recover quickly because our experienced tree technicians know exactly what is required and are meticulous in their deep root tree and shrub feeding, using just the right amounts to prevent more damage and enhance growth.

Do regular maintenance

Deep root tree and shrub feeding is a must because roots don’t stop growing and require more attention when the cold weather sets in. Rochester Lawn Care’s maintenance service regularly monitors tree and shrub growth and modifies treatments to meet changing conditions and needs.

Deep root tree and shrub feeding promotes a healthy and beautiful landscape for year-round enjoyment and reduced maintenance.

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