Weed Control

Rochester Lawn Care provides full custom weed control services, environmentally-friendly fertilization, and pest management to Penfield NY, Fairport NY, Brighton NY, Pittsford NY, Webster NY, Perinton NY

Today, as homeowners reconsider their definition of lawn weeds, clover is slowly regaining its status as a desirable lawn plant. If you were to look through a comprehensive list of weeds, you might be amazed at the plants you'd find there. But a weed is really best defined as a plant growing where you don't want it. That can include tall fescue growing amid Kentucky bluegrass and the drought-proof flowers of yarrow spreading beyond the flower border.

Because weeds are survivors, designed to make a go of conditions that don't favor most other plants, they will always be with us, looking for a chance to establish themselves. Rather than cast a disparaging eye on anything growing in the lawn other than your chosen lawn grass, you are better off accepting that diversity is a fact of nature. Your task is to decide which weeds you can tolerate and which must go, whether because they are too noticeable, overly aggressive, or a health hazard, like poison ivy.

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